Nieuw Amerikaans, 13 september

13 sep 2017  ·



  • Hard Boiled 2 Carl Seltz is a suburban insurance investigator, a loving husband, and a devoted father. Nixon is a berserk, homicidal tax collector racking up mind-boggling body counts in a diseased urban slaughterhouse. Unit Four is the ultimate robot killing machine-and the last hope of the future’s enslaved mechanical servants. And they’re all the same psychotic entity. o From comic masters Geof Darrow and Frank Miller! o Recolored by Dave Stewart! o Collected in hardcover for the first time ever!
  • Deadpool 9: Deadpool in space Deadpool. In. Spaaaaace!!! Things haven’t been great for Wade Wilson recently, and now he’s got it into his head that  there might be a solution. One that lies in the inky blackness of deepest, darkest outer space! Man, when Deadpool gets away from it all, he doesn’t fool around! It’s an epic of galactic scope as Wade goes to the edge of the Marvel cosmos and back! Plus: In a secret story known only to compulsive Deadpool variant-cover collectors, Odin ejects the regenerating degenerate from reality – and into the cover-verse! Can a team-up with UPC-PO, the living embodiment of the UPC code, help Wade return to the world he left behind – or will it just be an excuse for parodies and shenanigans? We’re guessing the latter. Collecting
  • Star wars Darth Vader: Color your own. Voor de lange donkere avonden die gaan komen.
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • Harley Quinn 3: Red Meat When homeless people start to disappear, it’s Harley Quinn to the rescue! And when she learns that it’s the mayor who’s behind it all, Harley must put a stop to his scheme. Then, Harley Sinn is released from prison and is out to hurt The Joker! But when he goes missing, both Harleys are on the hunt!


  • Total tank girl omnibus A highly toxic 288-page spillage of Tank Girl corruption. Collecting three graphic novels – Everybody Loves Tank Girl, Solid State Tank Girl, and Bad Wind Rising – Total Tank Girl presents a noxious tour through tank girl land; a place where saving the universe with dirty underwear and piloting a spaceship inside your boyfriend’s testicle are everyday events. times are tough. if you want to survive, you need this book