Nieuw Amerikaans, 8 november

8 nov 2017  ·



  • Requiem of the rose king 7 Richard, the ambitious third son of the House of York, believes he is cursed, damned from birth to eternal darkness. But is it truly fate that sets him on the path to personal destruction? Or his own tormented longings? Based on an early draft of Shakespeare’s Richard III, Aya Kanno’s dark fantasy finds the man who could be king standing between worlds, between classes, between good and evil. For older teen audiences.
  • Hatsune Miku 3: Bad End Night
  • Twinkle Stars 4
  • In this corner of the world Omnibus edition of the manga trilogy that inspired a critically acclaimed film! Suzu is a young Japanese woman who has recently married and moved from her home in Hiroshima City to Kure, during the years of World War II. Here she is confronted with the trials of a new family and a world at war, but perseveres to create her own happiness.
  • Devilman 1
  • The girl from the other side 3
  • Children of the whales 1
  • The mortal instruments The first installment of Cassandra Clare’s urban fantasy series The Mortal Instruments arrives in a graphic novel form from Yen Press! Cassandra Clare’s bestselling series, The Mortal Instruments, is adapted into a graphic novel series!


  • Spider-Man 3: Miles Morales
  • Black Panther 1: Avengers of the new world
  • Cougar and club The courageous Cougar is Megaville’s friskiest superhero, tossing crooks left and right with her loyal sidekick, the cunning Cub. But when a slow night on the prowl leads to a one night stand, their perfect partnership is plunged into peril! Can our delicious duo mend their fractured friendship and defeat Megaville’s roster of outrageous supervillains?!? Plus, visit Cougar and Cub in their natural habitat as we take you on a trip through comic book history with five frenzied flashbacks!