Nieuw Amerikaans 24 april

24 apr 2018  ·



  • I’ve been killing slimes for 3000 years 
  • Spirits & cat ears 5 Not everybody loves cat ears, but this young miko takes one big step for cat girls when she also becomes an exorcist. While trying to exorcise an evil spirit, Neneko ends up taking it into her body! With Chiya’s warning weighing heavy on her mind, how will this affect her relationship with Shichikage?


  • Injustice 2: vol 1 Superman is imprisoned, and it’s up to Batman to put the world back together. But Batman doesn’t have a lot of allies left to help stop new threats to the world! And when Harley Quinn has an encounter with Amanda Waller, the new Suicide Squad ends up breaking into the Pentagon. Featuring appearances by Harley Quinn, Superman, Damian Wayne and many more
  • Injustice 2: vol 2
  • Iceman 2: Absolute zero The Champions reassembled! Iceman reunites with Angel, Hercules, Ghost Rider and Darkstar, but will even they be enough to protect Los Angeles from a swarm of rogue, haywire Sentinels? All eyes are on Bobby – how will he fare as a leader? And as if that’s not enough,  Iceman and his younger counterpart must team up – to face their parents! The Drakes have discovered the existence of the time-torn teen, but what are their true motives for engineering a meeting? And as Bobby looks to make his move to the City of Angels permanent, Daken resurfaces – with big plans for Iceman and the X-Mansion! Why has the son of Wolverine been training Bobby’s former student? Whatever the answer, it’s bad news for the X-Men. Iceman to the rescue!
  • Star Wars Darth Vader 2: Legacy’s end 
  • Trump: Putin on the hits Comrades in arms, we present you with the biggest, the most giant, massive, beautiful, biggest-ever-in-our-country collection of Trump titles to grace the comic store and bookstore shelves. You have zombies, you have Lincoln-who was a Republican, not many people know that-you have superhumans…it has everything. It’s going to be so great, and getting a copy will be so easy, believe us.