Nieuw Amerikaans 9 oktober

9 okt 2018  ·


  • Mad: Don’t let the penquin drive the batmobile 
  • Chaboute: Park bench Wordt langzamerhand een grote fan van Chaboute ook deze ziet er weer erg mooi uit
  • Doctor Who magazine


  • Nier: Automata To: Fans of NieR: Automata Recommendation: The action to finish reading this novel. [ref & NieR: Automata-Long Story Short] Response: A novel is a story that used to be told by humans. Question: The definition of the word ‘interesting’? Answer: A possible definition is that the ability to continue reading this novel makes it ‘interesting.
  • Coyote 1
  • Crisis girls 2 Tombori Maple is a little girl with a big responsibility. When zombies rise and monsters stomp the streets, this little powerhouse rises to the occasion, using her own ghoulish gifts to protect the world and have a fun time doing it!