Nieuw Amerikaans 19 december

19 dec 2018  ·



  • Venom: First host 
  • Venom: Planet of the symbiotes
  • Thor: God of thunder reborn


  • Abara Deluxe edition A vast city lies under the shadow of colossal, ancient tombs, the identity of their builders lost to time. In the streets of the city, something is preying on the inhabitants, something that moves faster than the human eye can see and leaves unimaginable horror in its wake. Factory worker Denji Kudou just wants to keep his head down and continue his quiet existence, but he is the key to stopping forces that would bring about an apocalyptic transformation of the world. For older teen audiences.
  • Tokyo Ghoul RE:8
  • Splatoon 5 It’s the Square King Cup Semifinals! Rider’s Team Yellow-Green takes on the team of the undisputed champion, Emperor. Then, Team Blue battles Team Gloves! Who will make it to the final match? Plus, a bonus story featuring the very first Team Blue meeting! For all ages.
  • Magi 33
  • Bungo stray dogs 9
  • Astra lost in  space 5 Conspiracies begin to unravel as the truth behind the Astra crew members? circumstances comes to light. And at their last pit stop, Galem, the saboteur is revealed! Don?t miss the shocking conclusion! For teen audiences.