Nieuwe comics en manga

26 feb 2019  ·



  • A certain scientific railgun 1 The manga series A Certain Scientific Railgun is written by Kazuma Kamachi and illustrated by Motoi Fuyukawa. The manga is a spin-off of Kamachi’s A Certain Magical Index light novel series published by ASCII Media Works. Taking place in the futuristic Academy City where students learn to become espers with various powers, the story follows Mikoto Misaka, an electromaster who is the third most powerful of only seven Level 5 espers, and her friends, taking place before and during the events of A Certain Magical Index.
  • The ancient magus bride 10
  • I am a hero 9
  • Berserk deluxe edition Have you got the Guts? Kentaro Miura’s Berserk has outraged, horrified, and delighted manga and anime fanatics since 1989, creating an international legion of hardcore devotees and inspiring a plethora of TV series, feature films, and video games. And now the badass champion of adult fantasy manga is presented in an oversized 7” x 10” deluxe hardcover edition, nearly 700 pages amassing the first three Berserk volumes, with following volumes to come to serve up the entire series in handsome bookshelf collections. No Guts, no glory!


  • Spider-Geddon: Covert ops
  • Mr & Mrs X: Love and marriage Their wedding shocked the world — now Gambit and Rogue are husband and wife, and their honeymoon will be uncanny! In their extraordinary lives,Gambit and Rogue have faced nearly every challenge imaginable. But now that the Marvel Universe’s hottest couple has tied the knot, how will they cope with married life, X-Men-style? By going interstellar! Being tasked with protecting a mysterious package everyone in the galaxy seems to want makes for a pretty bizarre honeymoon, but could anything be worse than Deadpool crashing the party? Yes! The Technet crashing it, too! Not to mention the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, Deathbird, the Starjammers and a whole Empire in turmoil! What the heck is in this package, anyway?! And will Gambit and Rogue ever make it home?
  • Typhoid fever
  • B.P.R.D. Vampire
  • Niel Gaiman: The sandman 
  • Daughters of the dragon