Nieuwe comics en manga

12 mrt 2019  ·



  • Death of wolverine companion
  • Decades: Spider-Man meets the marvel universe
  • Off season James Sturm’s riveting graphic novel charts one couple’s divisive separation through the fall of 2016, during Bernie’s loss to Hillary, Hillary’s loss to Trump, and the disorienting months that followed. We see a father navigating life as a single parent and coping with the disintegration of a life-defining relationship. Amid the upheaval are tender moments with his kids-a sleeping child being carried in from the car, Christmas morning anticipation, a late-night cookie after a temper tantrum-and fallible humans drenched in palpable feelings of grief, rage, loss, and overwhelming love. Off Season is unaffected and raw, steeped in the specificity of its time while speaking to a larger cultural moment.


  • Full metal alchemist: The complete four-panel comics This complete collection offers the beloved four-panel comic strips from the graphic novel series and bonus strips from the anime DVDs of Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, as well as rare strips from Japan! For teen audiences.
  • The girl form the other side 6
  • Candy color paradox 1
  • Mob Psycho 100 2 From the creator of One-Punch Man! A cult is starting to form around Mob! While Mezato tries to dig up info on the shy but powerful psychic for the school paper, Mob gets tricked into an abduction plot designed to force the Body Building Club into a fight with the delinquents from their rival school. But when the other school’s ‘secret leader’ Teru turns out to be a fellow superhuman, it’s going to be a massive but one-sided fight because super or not, Mob refuses to use his ghost-busting powers against a fellow human!
  • Demon Slayer 5