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30 apr 2019  ·



  • Spawn: Origins collection SPAWN: ORIGINS, VOL. 1 reprints the stories and artwork (by TODD McFARLANE himself) that laid the groundwork for the most successful independent comic book ever published. SPAWN: ORIGINS, VOL. 1 includes the introduction of not only Spawn, but also a number of other memorable and menacing characters, including Malebolgia and the Violator.
  • Man without fear: The death of Daredevil
  • The amazing Spider-Man: Lifetime achievement


  • If it’s for my daughter
  • Final fantasy XIII – Episode zero: promise
  • Kagerou daze 12 Shintaro, upon learning that Momo has been killed by the Snake of Clearing Eyes, swears to exact his burning vengeance. Ene gives her best effort to quell his rage. But what reason could she possibly have for getting in his way?
  • Teasing master Takagi-san 4 Twenty push-ups, a hundred push-ups…despite Nishikata’s daily endurance training, Takagi-san’s teasing just never seems to end! With summer approaching, Nishikata’s got time to lay out his next plan, but little does he know what Takagi-san’s got in store for him next!
  • Death march rhapsody 7
  • Akame ga kill zero 9


  • The Joker: Talking bust and illustrated book Batman’s arch nemesis and supervillain extraordinaire, the Joker, is here! The kit includes a 3-inch Joker bust mounted on a base, with 10 diabolical sound bites; The Joker: Behind the Smile, a 48-page book of Joker history, featuring full-color illustrations throughout.