Nieuwe Comics

29 mei 2019  ·


Wegens distributie perikelen deze week 2 nieuwe titels.


  • Spider-Man Noir: The complete collection he hard-boiled adventures of the grittiest web-slinger in the Spider-Verse! In the dark days of the Great Depression, young reporter Peter Parker finds himself forever changed by a spider’s bite – and resolves to take on crime and corruption as the urban vigilante called Spider-Man! And there are no shortage of foes – from gangland bosses the Goblin and Crime Master, to pulp-era twists on familiar faces like Kraven, Chameleon, Doctor Octopus and more! But will the seductive Felicia Hardy prove friend or foe? Plus: Spider-Man Noir enters the Spider-Verse via an encounter with Mysterio – and shares a spectacular team-up with a six-armed Spidey!
  • Daredevil: Fearless origins