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27 jun 2019  ·



  • Tokyo Ghoul: re 11
    Interim Bureau Chief of the CCG Matsuri Washu has gone conveniently missing, and the power vacuum has allowed the devious Furuta to step forward to take control. His erratic behavior concerns some of the investigators, but the special show he puts on for the rank-and-file CCG employees gains him their support, especially when he unveils the final act-executing Haise Sasaki as a traitor! For older teen audiences
  • 20th Century boys 4
    In the middle of the Tokyo Bay, a man known as Shogun has escaped from Umihotaru Prison, a place feared by criminals and convicts as an inescapable iron fort, in order to save the world. He heads off to Tokyo, the city where the girl known as ‘The Last Hope’ lives. But the streets of Tokyo are in turmoil after a murder in Chinatown triggers a chain reaction of terror. The time has come for the false peace created by the Friend to be exposed. What is the truth behind the historic disaster on the last day of 20th century?
  • Komi can’t communicate 1


  • Invader Zim Book 3
  • Tank girl Book one 1988 – 1990 
  • Spider-Man far from home Movie special Go behind the scenes on Spider-Man: Far From Home, as everyone’s favorite wall-crawler returns to the big-screen in the newest Marvel superhero movie! A class trip to Europe pits Peter Parker (Tom Holland) against new villains, as he teams up with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal)! A deluxe magazine special packed with exclusive interviews, concept art, and on-set photography!
  • Old lady Harley: Who you callin’ old? After liberating New York City from her now-feral Gang of Harleys, poor Harley wants nothing more than to slip back into retirement in her coastal (and heavily guarded) paradise. But the Laughing Boys gang has another idea-they’ll follow her to the ends of the Earth, to drag her back to their leader! It can’t actually be…him! Right?! He couldn’t possibly still be alive, could he? After all…Harley killed him herself with her bare hands! Should she turn to President Power Girl for help? Or flee to the 51st state, Atlantis?
  • Marvel visionaries: Stan Lee  In celebration of its 65th anniversary, the House of Ideas proudly presents a timeless testament to another true Marvel visionary! In 1961, writer Stan Lee penned FANTASTIC FOUR #1, an historic issue unlike any comic book that had come before. This super-hero team had true personalities – they doubted their own abilities, battled problems of money and illness, and even fought among themselves. The monumental popularity of this realistic comic-book style inspired Lee to create similarly themed titles – including HULK, X-MEN and AVENGERS with artist Jack Kirby; and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN with artist Steve Ditko. By 1965, Lee had successfully established Marvel Comics as a cohesive universe populated by world-famous comic-book characters.