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2 jul 2019  ·



  • Hellboy 25 years of covers
  • Crimson lotus
  • The silver surfer: Parable A star falls to earth. Panic grips the planet as mankind prepares for its inevitable end. But the star is a ship, and inside is a god. All he asks is adoration. Overcome with relief, man rushes to obey. There is only one voice of dissent that will not be silenced: the Silver Surfer, who recognizes the ‘god’ as his former master. But why has Galactus encouraged mankind to live down to his darkest nature? From Stan Lee and Moebius, one of France’s living treasures, comes a bewitching tale of man’s folly and nobility. Plus: Almost every hero on Earth has fallen before the unexpected power of Mrrungo-Mu, the alien leader of the Enslavers. All except the Silver Surfer. But what chance does even he have against


  • Black Clover 16
  • Daytime shooting star 1 After arriving in Tokyo to live with her uncle, Suzume collapses in a nearby park where she had once seen a shooting star during the day. A handsome stranger brings her to her new home and tells her they’ll meet again. Suzume starts her first day at her new high school sitting next to a boy who blushes furiously at her touch. And her homeroom teacher is none other than the handsome stranger! For teen audiences.
  • Anonymous noise 15
  • Demon Slayer 7 Shinobu, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke and Nezuko have recovered under the care of the Demon Slayer Corps. They have even learned a new and powerful technique-Total Concentration! They’ll need this new power and all their skill on their next demon-hunting mission aboard the mysterious Infinity Train as it takes them into the dreams of demons! For teen audiences.
  • Kaguya Sama Love is war 9
  • Kakuriyo bed & breakfast 4
  • Water dragon bride 10
  • Platinum End 9 With Metropoliman finally defeated, Mirai and Saki try to enjoy a moment of reprieve. But with other god candidates still out there, it’s only a matter of time before their peace is shattered! For mature audiences.