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8 okt 2019  ·



  • Torture princess There are many foes that will succeed the ‘Emperor’ and his contractor, Vlad. In preparation for future battles, Kaito begins to study magic. He even managed to defeat the Governor, but it was a trap. Vlad’s old friend, Fiore, the Grand King, was able to sacrifice the soul of his brother and seal Elisabeth’s powers! With the Torture Princess out of commission, the one to come to the rescue is none other than Hina!


  • Spider-Man loves Mary Jane: The unexpected thing
  • Hulk: Incredible origins
  • The war of the realms: The punisher
  • Harley Quinn: The trials of Harley Quinn Harley Quinn has the cosmic opportunity of a lifetime-becoming the ‘Galactic Angel of Retribution’ for the Lords of Chaos and Order! But to prove herself worthy, she must survive six suitably bizarre trials, including teaming up with Batman, getting turned into a giant bug, fighting space aliens, and surviving Gotham City after its transformation into a deadly medieval fantasy
  • Ultimate Spider-man: Power en responsibility
  • The Immortal Hulk
  • Glenn Gould: A life off tempo Glenn Gould was a Canadian pianist, a child genius who became a worldwide superstar of classical music remembered for, among others, his almost revolutionary interpretations of Bach. This graphic novel biography seeks to understand the eccentric personality behind the persona. Who is the mysterious Glenn Gould? Why did he abruptly end his career as a performing musician? Why did he become one of the very first of his peers to disappear from the public eye like J.D. Salinger? Sandrine Revel delves into the life of Gould with hand painted illustrations and the viewpoint of an adoring