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3 jan 2020  ·



  • Shadow student council vice president gives her all Actions speak louder than words in this spin-off of the absurd and raunchy Prison School! With lovingly detailed art by ReDrop, no task is too small (and no shirt is too big) for Meiko Shiraki, the domineering yet kind vice president of the Shadow Student Council!
  • Happiness 10
  • Bungo stray dogs 13 Making an appearance with Katai by his side, Natsume reveals that he knows the location of Dostoyevsky’s secret base! At Dazai’s direction, Akutagawa and Atsushi team up to infiltrate their mutual enemy’s hideout, but what awaits them? Could the cannibalistic war of mutual destruction be drawing to a close?


  • The unbeatable squirrel girl
  • Legends of marvel: Spider-Man