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Alien resurrection lead alien war

Alleen al voor de titel :-) 


Black butler 31

In order to cut off their enemies' lifelines, the Phantomhive staff has scattered in all directions. To the north, Mey-Rin, having infiltrated Baron Heathfield's manor, engages in battle with the masterful maid, Jane! Meanwhile, in the east, at a sanatorium for veterans, Baldo and Lau receive a rough welcome from the nurse celebrated as a miracle healer



Duke of death and his maid 3

Koharu Inoue (A) Koharu Inoue The manga that inspired the anime: a gothic romcom between a cursed duke and his flirty maid! When the duke was a young boy, a witch made it so that any living thing he touched died. Unable to cope with such a cursed child, his family sent him away to live in an old mansion. Now a young man, his only companions are an elderly butler and his childhood friend, a buxom, blonde maid named Alice. Despite the fact that touching the duke means instant death, Alice is constantly teasing him, getting close and flirting mercilessly. But even though Alice loves to make the duke blush, her affection for him is the real deal. Can the two figure out a way to break the witch's spell?



Holy grail eris 1 

Connie is a viscount's daughter with little notable attributes besides her sincerity, so when she's suddenly framed for a crime she didn't commit, it seems like the end of the line for her-until the ghost of Scarlet Castiel, an infamous villainess who was executed ten years ago, swoops in and clears her name. In exchange, Connie resolves to solve the mystery behind Scarlet's untimely death and in the process, uncovers a conspiracy that still haunts the present!



Reign seven spellblades 3

Why did a Garuda, a divine beast familiar, appear in the colosseum? Why did the troll attack Katie during the entrance parade? All the mysteries point to a single answer-one that leads to a secret sword!! 


Rezero frozen bond 1

Based on a Re:ZERO short story by the original author, this manga offers a glimpse into the world of the half-elf Emilia and her spirit companion Puck before they first encountered Subaru Natsuki!


So im a spider so what 3

Asahiro Kakashi Having defeated the fire dragon in the sea of flames, what awaited the spider was none other than the natural enemy of destiny: The Earth Dragon, Araba! How will she fare against the powerful magic of the leader of Eruro's Labyrinth?


I am not a succubus 1

A sexy yuri tale about a girl who wants to fit in at an all-monster, all-girls high school! Adjusting to a new school is always rough, and that goes double for Sakura, a shy girl attending a monster girl academy! Her new classmates include a kiss-curious harpy, a sarcastic lamia, a cyclops with an eye for Sakura, and a plain-spoken centaur. Eager to blend in, Sakura declares herself a succubus! But can she keep up the ruse while fending off the touchy hands, claws, and scaled coils of her new friends? It's going to be a long, hot school year!



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